Manual for Studying the IBU

This manual is only intended for the students of Ideal Martial Art (originally Ideální Bojové Umění, shortly IBU) concepted by Pavel Kastl. The content of particular chapters must not be seen by unauthorized persons who did not take an oath of silence.

Manual for Studying the IBU

Foolishness of Heroes

Combative Techniques for a Fight Without Weapons


Recommended Literature

The Sufficient Value of Things

Sufficient rights, immunity and the certainty of good future

Energy Disciplines

Two Diverse Ways of the Life of Our Fighters as Noblemen

Erotic Experiencing of the Bottom Parts of a Middle Front and Middle Back Trajectory


Graph of the Ability to Fight

Harmonic Relationships of Lovers with a Complex Love

Harmony and Comprehensiveness of Experiencing

IBU in a Democratic Human Society and Money

Ideal Intensity of Love

Names of Our Fighters


Every One of Us is the Most Loved One

Complexity and Versatility

Root Diversions and Balance

The Circle of Love

Love for All Time

People and Manors for Loving

Our Socially Oriented Form of Feudalism

Our Living in a “Hard Feudalism”


Considerateness and Freedom

Virginity and Sexual Abstinence

The Breeds of Horses

The Breeds of Dogs

Workout with a Barbell and with Own Weight

Approach of Particular Levels of the Ideal Martial Art to a Combat without Weapons

Recognizing the Supergod

Programming Own Self

Ordinary People and Aristocrats

Realization of the Ideal Martial Art

Various Wisdoms

Order of the Knights of IBU

In Nature with a Dog

Private Property


Association of Wild Game Hunters

Association of the Fans of Ideal Martial Art

Co-Worker of Civil Department

Co-experience of IBU

The Right Attitude Towards the Charms of the Opposite Sex

Old Weapons of Ancestors

Confiding in Other Students


Aristocratic Worries

Happiness of the Nobleman

The Secret of Fight

Tactics and Psychology

Technical Levels of the Ideal Martial Art


Worship of the Ancestors of IBU

Your Love for Your Manor

Faithfulness and Betrayal

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

Military Equipment

Selection of Future Students

Avoiding Conflict and Danger

Prohibited and Especially Destructive Techniques

Arranged Situations as an Aid to the Training

The IBU's Weapons

Increased Activity of Erotic Particles in the Non-Sexual Area

No Changes

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