A Socially Oriented Form of Feudalism

This web site describes the idea of the modification of feudalism by good social care of the citizens and by wise noblemen at the head of the Realm. This idea is the result of the conception of IBU, a martial art created for noblemen only.

The "socially-minded form of feudalism", or, if you like, "The IBU's Social Feudalism", contains standard citizens (= the second class ones) and super citizens (= the first class ones), and three kinds of noblemen: zeman ("landowner" in English and «барин» or «землевладелец» in Russian), vladyka ("master" or "sovereign" in English and «владыка» in Russian) and kníže ("prince", "emperor", "master" or "lord" in English and «князь» in Russian). These ruling noblemen are wiser than their citizens who are not allowed to know everything.

The Socially-Feudal Realm is divided into particular regions ("kraj" in Czech and «край» in Russian) and every one of them consists of several principalities ("knížectví" in Czech and «княжество» in Russian), out of which one dominates the other. The head of a normal principality is kníže and the head of the dominating one is velký kníže ("great prince", "great emperor", "great master" or "great lord" in English and «великий князь» in Russian). The aristocratic government of the Realm is made by all the big masters from all the regions.

The security of the whole Realm is handled by an organization Bezpečnost Obyvatel Říše ("Security of Realm's Inhabitants" in English and «Безопасность Обитателей Империи» in Russian), taking care of both military and civilian sector. In every principality there is its velitelství ("headquarters" in English and «командатура» in Russian), commanded by its head, which is generál knížectví ("general of principality" in English and «генерал княжества» in Russian). Unlike normal principalities, only having a smaller number of soldiers, the main knížectví in the region runs an own mobile military unit. The head of the headquorters of Bezpečnost Obyvatel Říše in that main principality is generál knížectví and the head of the mobile military unit is generál kraje ("general of region" in English and «генерал края» in Russian).

In this feudal system, citizens do not fully own the land, either it is lent by the noblemen (to the standard citizens) or sold like a co-ownership (only to the super citizens). The rights of those who own or co-own premises (= noblemen or super citizens) are bigger than that of the owners in our today's human society. And if we speak about the nobleman's domain with military supervision (his residence with neighboring premises), the soldiers who guard it can kill without penalty anyone that trespasses on it.

On the one hand, this feudal system exploits a bit many normal people in the Realm, on the other hand it supports them as well. It gives mothers with little kids and the unemployed social welfare, it provides even the standard citizens with a health care that is free of charge and there is a pension for old people. There are no insurance companies, all the drugs and a compensation for damages are paid by a special financial fond of the Realm.

This social system does not arrange wars and other similar disasters and makes the euthanasia legal. I would be happy if the majority of the world (perhaps 90 %) was rules by a clean civilization with a higher form of equality of people, managed by Heavenly creatures, and the minority of the world (say 10 %) by this socially-oriented feudalism (maybe one realm would do, for instance a part of Russian Siberia or an Iberian Peninsula).

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