The Ideal Martial Art

       This martial art is not meant for the public, but for a closed society only. It should be practiced so to say "behind closed doors" and its managers never agree that the fighters would be shot by the television.
       "The Ideal Martial Art" (IBU for short, since its original Czech name is "Ideální bojové Umění") contains strikes, kicks, holds, grasps, forbidden and destroying techniques, sparring with several opponents at the same time, the handling of weapons, the training of dog and co-operation with it in the fight against enemies, energetic disciplines that include a mental resistance, the knowledge of laws, of psychology, tactics, spiritual development, perfect interpersonal relationships, the deepening of love for animals and plants, the knowledge of "The Circle of Love", the cognition of "root diversions and balance" of the essence of human being, life aside people in Nature and other.


Technical degrees of "The Ideal Martial Art":

       The Light Half: (= partial basics, white-light grey belt) and IBU II. (= full basics, light grey belt).

       Above all, this "Light Half" contains a simplified kickboxing with several elements of a wrestling type, a knife fight, basic defense against the stick, shooting from a gun and a defense against it, dog training, sparring with two opponents at once, the knowledge of laws and of a religiously-psychological teaching, tactics, and a fight together with the dog and weapons against several enemies at the same time.

(The fighters are recommended to learn to handle these firearms: Gun, assault rifle, precision rifle, grenade launcher, rocket launcher and manpad.)


       The Dark Half: IBU III. (= mastery candidate, light-dark grey belt) and IBU IV. (= master, dark grey belt).

       "The Dark Half", apart from the techniques of "The Light Half", uses a wider kickboxing, an attack on vulnerable places (eyes, genitals, throat and similarly) by "forbidden techniques" (like e.g. palms strike on the ears, a biting of the opponent), another wrestling elements, sparring with three opponents at once, another weapons, defense against various weapons by bare hands and "energetic disciplines".


       (Belts with the shades of grey are worn together with the best white-grey clothes and colored belts go with the ordinary ones: yellow for IBU I., green for IBU II., brown for IBU III. and black for IBU IV. Apart from the belts there are colored cards, too.)


       - The majority of students are accepted in the way that the human population is searched through actively and teachers themselves look for the pupils in it, suitable for this art. Then they visit them and give them an envelope containing the offer.

       - The beginning students must sign - in the presence of a lawyer, possibly also of the agent of a secret police - a statement, that they will never teach this art no one else without the permission of an umbrella organization and that they will never give away any confidential information that (this art) contains.

       - The IBU arranges only internal competitions, it never takes part in the public ones.

       - This art uses a widened scoring system that shows not only who won, but also how much the winner is better than the loser. And only the names of the best fighters are announced and the names of the worse ones are kept secret to prevent them from feeling badly and being disgraced.

       - Examinations are without stress of some long-awaited term. As the student trains and gradually improves, the trainers gradually write "fulfilled" into the particular disciplines in his card, and then one day they pass him the belt.

       - Students reach a higher degree of the co-operation of male and female element, which makes it possible for them to experience their love by a more complex spectrum of feelings, than which normal people have.

       - Because training gives women explosiveness and power, they must compensate it for the regular experience of roles that stress the tender form of their femaleness. Such a woman then manages to be both a tough fighter and a tender cat at the same time.

       - The fighter is either enough healthy and strong or he is ended by euthanasia to prevent him from getting the feel of weakness and old age.

       P.S.: The download of the first book about this martial art was possible till its final version 7.8, but "Manual for Studying the IBU" is already kept hidden from the public. This "too strong coffee" will only be "drunk" by a limited number of insiders.

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