A Socially Oriented Form of Feudalism

This web site describes the idea of the modification of feudalism by good social care of the citizens and by wise noblemen at the head of the realm. This idea is a result of the conception of the IBU, a martial art designed to be practiced not by just anyone. Its practitioners are supposed to be gifted people and noblemen at the same time.

This "socially-minded form of feudalism", or, if you like, "The IBU's Social Feudalism", contains subject and free citizens, and three kinds of noblemen: landowner (1 - 9 mi² with settlements), baron (10 - 90 mi² with villages) and duke (up to 1000 mi² with cities). The ruling noblemen are wiser than their citizens who are not allowed to know everything.

Citizens do not fully own the land, either it is lent by the noblemen (to the subject citizens) or sold like a co-ownership (only to the free citizens). The rights of those who own or co-own premises (= noblemen or free citizens) are bigger than that of our today's human society. In some circumstances, especially when it deals with the nobleman's residential compound with military supervision, the owners can even kill without any penalty any stranger who violated their rights (e.g. he illegally entered their private premises with the use of violence or armed). If partially unexcused cases, the owners will be fined.

There is an organization of the Realm's Inhabitants Safety (shortly RIS in English and BOR in Czech language), taking care of military and civilian sector. It preserves peace among particular dominions, their co-operation and many other. It does not use any jails, only short-term detention cells, and almost all the offences of citizens are solved by fines and community services. However, there is a death penalty for several most serious crimes and dangerous recidivism.

On the one hand, this feudal system of mine exploits a little bit many normal people in the Realm (in particular by reasonable fees per head and house or apartment, furthermore companies must pay a rental fee and cooperative farms must give the noblemen the half of the crop that has grown in their fields and they will sell it themselves). On the other hand, it gives mothers with little kids and the unemployed social welfares, it provides even the subject citizens with a health care that is free of charge and there is a pension for old people. There are no insurance companies, drugs and compensation for damages are paid by a special financial fond of the Realm. This social system does not arrange wars and other similar disasters and makes the euthanasia legal.

Although the combination of the care of people with feudalism, by itself, is not the best thing in the world, it has its benefits. And in this case it gains one more advantage, because the IBU's insiders do something good and important what this world needs. Without them there is no full reason to make the above-mentioned combination, only together with them.

Accordingly to my current and still much limited knowledge, this Universe was created from a material core, which part was designed for the creation of all the people. It is displayed by "The Picture of the Utilization of the Human Part of the Core of Our Universe", having three diverse thirds of value 35% (a positive one), 35% (a negative one) and 30% (a mixed one). I would be glad if the social feudalism ruled one part of the world and the other part was ruled by a clean civilization of a higher equality, managed by Heavenly creatures.

Subjects and noblemen

In all the human cultures, in which people have been left to fend for themselves, sooner or later it happened that the main authority in the human society has started to do something wrong or evil, and normal people have adapted and tolerated it. Human civilization was without the evil only when the God's Power interfered with the help of the Heaven's humanoid nation. Shortly, commoners must have masters.
The nature of normal people in our society, who are here compared to 'subject citizens' in the feudal one, is such, that by one command of the authority they betray both own parents and their own children, they break the rules of their faith and similarly. Their horizons are very limited and in their behavior they display lowness and treacherousness. And that is why they are not fully-valuable people and not in vain they are called “the halves” or “half-people”. And although they have the right for a satisfactory social care and to be well-off, the best is here only for the fully-valuable people who invented and/or manage everything. And who know what a faithfulness is and who live by a higher principles. For the ruling noblemen and free citizens - their helpers.

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